Oregon Society SAR Board of Managers

The Oregon Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Board of Managers (BOM) consists of the elected Oregon Society Officers and Trustees as well as the Presidents and Trustees of the Chapters in the Oregon Society. The Board  of Managers meets during the months of January, April, July, and October, and at such other places and times as the State President deems necessary.

2017 Oregon Society Elected Officers

  • PRESIDENT: Compatriot John Berg, Lewid & Clark Chapter
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Compatriot David Devin, Republic Chapter
  • SECRETARY: Compatriot John Krumbein, Lewis & Clark Chapter
  • TREASURER: Compatriot Robert Bogardus, Thomas Jefferson Chapter
  • REGISTRAR:Compatriot Eugene Melvin, Lewis & Clark Chapter
  • CHAPLAIN: vacant

2017 Oregon Society Board of Managers (Voting)

  • National Trustee: Compatriot John Berg, Lewis & Clark Chapter
  • ORSSAR Past President: Compatriot David Devin, Republic Chapter
  • ORSSAR Past President: Compatriot Johnny Alexander, Republic Chapter
  • High Desert Chapter President: Compatriot Anthony Stone
  • High Desert Chapter Trustee: Compatriot Johnny Alexander
  • Lewis & Clark Chapter President: Compatriot Mark Robertson
  • Lewis & Clark Chapter Trustee: Compatriot Grier Ingebretsen
  • Lewis & Clark Chapter Trustee: Compatriot David Kingsella
  • Republic Chapter President: Compatriot Ivon Young
  • Republic Chapter Trustee: Compatriot Ken Betterton
  • Southern Oregon Chapter President: Compatriot R. Allen Stewart
  • Southern Oregon Chapter Trustee: Compatriot Don Thomas
  • Thomas Jefferson Chapter President: Compatriot Roger Swim
  • Thomas Jefferson Chapter Trustee: Compatriot Stephen Price