Contacts for the Oregon Society, SAR

You can contact any of the following Officers or Committee Chairmen using the e-mail address shown.

State President, Oregon Society, SAR

John Berg: orssar-web @ live  .  com

State Registrar, Oregon Society, SAR

Eugene Melvin: orssar-registrar @ live  .  com

State Treasurer, Oregon Society, SAR

Bob Bogardus: orssar-web @ live  . com

Newsletter Editor, Oregon Compatriot

To send articles for the Oregon Compatriot, contact David Devin at orssar-web @ live . com.

Oregon Society, SAR Membership Application Helper

For help and information about joining the Oregon Society, Sons of the American Revolution, contact Compatriot Eugene Melvin at orssar-registrar @ live  .  com

Web Site Coordinator, Oregon Society SAR

To send suggestions, concerns, and content for the web site, contact David Devin at orssar-web @ live . com.