Past Compatriots

The following Compatriots were members of the Oregon Society SAR before they passed away. You might find an Uncle or Grandfather in the list. Finding a name on the following list does not constitute proof for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

The list is sorted by the Compatriot’s Oregon Society number. You can search the list for first name, surname, National number, State number, city, or chapter. Note: This list is under development as we gather and add information.

Robert Eugene Melvin

No Photo Available
162467 Lewis & ClarkMEM Membership: March 25, 2004 Deceased: March 31, 2004

Charles Edwin Howlett II

No Photo Available
091110 Lewis & Clark Chapterunknown Membership: June 9, 1964 Birthday: November 13, 1923 Deceased: July 9, 2011

Patriot Ancestor: Jedediah Leach


Possibly transferred from Florida Society #1748. source unknown