Past Compatriots

The following Compatriots were members of the Oregon Society SAR before they passed away. You might find an Uncle or Grandfather in the list. Finding a name on the following list does not constitute proof for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

The list is sorted by the Compatriot’s Oregon Society number. You can search the list for first name, surname, National number, State number, city, or chapter. Note: This list is under development as we gather and add information.

Col. Thomas Mcarthur Anderson

Photo of Col. Thomas Mcarthur Anderson
006701 Oregon Society0001 Membership: December 21, 1897 Birthday: January 21, 1836 Deceased: May 8, 1917

1891-1899 Oregon Society President

1893-1900 Pacific District Vice President General

1904-1906 Oregon Society President

Wilmer Lee Page

No Photo Available
006702 Oregon Society0002 Home Portland Oregon Patriot Ancestor: http://John%20Page,%20Henry%20Lee

Gilbert S. Mann

No Photo Available

Charles N. Wait

No Photo Available
006704 0004

Hamilton W. Beall

No Photo Available
006705 Oregon Society0005

Samuel B Pettengill

No Photo Available
006706 0006

Charles H. Boynton

No Photo Available
006707 Oregon Society0007

James W. Hall

No Photo Available
006708 0008

George M. Savage

No Photo Available
006709 0009

Alfred Hasbrouck Jr.

No Photo Available
006710 Oregon Society0010 Home Fort Wayne Michigan Patriot Ancestor: http://Abraham%20Hasbrouck

Egbert T. S. Steele

No Photo Available
006711 0011

Charles R. Reynolds

No Photo Available
006712 0012

Cephas C. Batemah

No Photo Available
006713 Oregon Society0013

Ross C. Houghton

No Photo Available
006714 0014

Lloyd Brooke

No Photo Available
006715 Oregon Society0015

Edward D. Curtis

No Photo Available
006716 Oregon Society0016

George W. Freeman

No Photo Available
006717 0017

Roger S. Littlefield

No Photo Available
006718 0018

Calvin Borthwick

No Photo Available
006719 Oregon Society0019

Alexander Elijah Borthwick

No Photo Available
006720 Oregon Society0020