Joining the Oregon Society SAR

Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is open to any male who is a descendant of a patriot who served or supported the cause of Independence during the American Revolutionary War. Are you a descendant of a Patriot? For help in finding out, contact the Oregon Society State Registrar, Compatriot Charles Byers (orssar-registrar @ live  .  com), or Compatriot Johnny Alexander (jdalex1 @ comcast . net).

To join a local Chapter in the Oregon Society SAR, contact the Chapter Registrar or the State Society Application Helper. The membership application helper for the Oregon Society is Compatriot Eugene Melvin( orssar-web @ live . com). For complete information about joining the Sons of the American Revolution, go to

Simple Steps to join the Oregon Sociey, Sons of the American Revolution.

Do you like detective stories, mysteries, and history? Researching your lineage back to a patriot ancestor is like a detective following the evidence. Throw in history and you have the makings of a fun project.

1. Determine if you might have an ancestor who supported the cause of Independence.

You probably have heard family stories that you have an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution. A relative may already be a member in one of the American Revolutionary War lineage societies such as the Sons of the American Revolution or the Daughters of the American Revolution. For most people alive today, they can have 128 fifth great grandparents who lived during the revolution and can be potential ancestors who supported the cause of independence.

If any of your lines have been in the United States for six or seven generations, then chances are good that you have a Patriot ancestor. For Oregonians, if you have family that came on the Oregon Trail, it is likely one of those also have a Patriot ancestor.  Ask other family members, your family “historian,” or check with your local genealogy society.

2. Gather the documentation to prove each relationship in the lineage back to your Patriot ancestors.

You need to obtain the documents that show your lineage back to a patriot ancestor. Start with yourself. Your birth certificate probably has the names of your natural parents. Obtain a copy of your parent’s marriage certificate, birth certificates, and death certificates (if they have passed away). Those documents show their parent’s names. Continue with each generation. Do not skip a generation. Find the evidence for the next generation in each proceeding generation. Genealogist and the registrars want to see copies of original documents. Names on indexes are usually not sufficient evidence.

Note: If you have a family member who is already accecpted as a member of the DAR or SAR, you task is even simpler. All you have to do is gather the evidence that connects to that relative’s documented line.

When you have gathered the evidence that you are related to a possible Revolutionary War patriot, gather the evidence which shows that person actually fought or supported the cause. Usually, it is a simple as checking the DAR patriot index. However, sometimes you may have to prove their service. Not all people who lived in the Colonies at the time actually supported the cause. If one family line does not qualify, try a different line.

3. Complete the application checklist and submit it to your local SAR Chapter Registrar.

The application checklist helps you to keep on track with your research. The local Chapter Registrar uses it to verify your lineage.

4. After the Chapter Registrar approves your lineage, sign the membership application and submit it along with the application fees to the Chapter Registrar.

You application, fees, and evidence is forwarded to the Oregon Society SAR register. He checks it for any problems and forwards it to the National Society. The National Society checks your evidence, and if accepted, approves you for membership.

5. Wait for approval from the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

Waiting is the hardest part. Most applications take a few months to be processed. After your application is approved, your membership certificate is sent to your local SAR Chapter, and they induct you into the Sons of the American Revolution.

Application Fees

Application fees are used to pay for processing your application such as paying postage to route your application for signatures and verifying your documents. You include a check for the application fees and your first year’s dues when you submit your application. The following schedule of fees are required when you apply for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution (based on each application):

  • National Society SAR: $80.00
  • Oregon Society SAR: $20.00
  • Local Chapter fee (depends on the chapter):
    • Lewis & Clark Chapter SAR: none
    • Republic Chapter SAR: $20.00
    • Thomas Jefferson Chapter SAR: $10.00
    • Southern Oregon Chapter SAR: none
    • Central Coast Chapter SAR: none

Total application fees per application equals $120.00, $110.00 or $100.00 (depending on the chapter) plus your first year’s dues which can be an additonal $55-$65 dollars. See the membership dues page for actual amounts.

Family Membership

Family Membership is for two or more individuals, who have applied for membership using the same Ancestor. At least one member must file an application at the regular price. All family members must submit their applications at the same time and using the same transmittal form. The application fee for NSSAR will be $30.00 and the ORSSAR application fee will be $10.00 for each additional application. All dues are the same as above unless the applicant is a Junior Member in which case his NSSAR annual dues are $5.00 and there are no ORSSAR or Chapter dues.

18 – 25 year old Sons

If you are son, grandson, brother, nephew or grandnephew of someone who is or was a member of the SAR, DAR, or CAR then the NSSAR application fee is $30.00 and ORSSAR application fee is $10.00. All dues are the same as above.

18 – 22 year old CAR Transfer Memberships

A valid “Certificate of Good Standing” from the CAR is required with the SAR Application and documentation. The NSSAR Application Fee and ORSSAR Application Fee are $0. All dues are same as above.

Junior Members

Is defined as a male under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, who files the appropriate lineage by following one of the three paths.

1. Establish a new lineage or Patriot Ancestor – the NSSAR Application Fee is $80 and ORSSAR application fee is $20 and Chapter application fees are listed above.

2. Using an existing lineage that has been accepted by the SAR, DAR, or CAR with the appropriate “record copy” provided. NSSAR Application Fees are $30.00. ORSSAR and Chapter Application fees are the same as above. NSSAR Dues are $5.00 and there are no ORSSAR or Chapter Dues.

3. A current active member of the CAR by completing a SAR application and providing a birth certificate along with a copy of his membership of “Good Standing Card”.

Supplemental Applications

  Lewis & Clark Republic Southern Oregon Thomas Jefferson
NSSAR Supplemental Fee $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00
ORSSAR Supplemental Fee $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
Chapter Supplemental Fee   $20.00   $10.00
Total $80.00 $100.00 $80.00 $90.00

Family Supplemental Applications:

  Lewis & Clark Republic Southern Oregon Thomas Jefferson
NSSAR Supplemental Fee $60 / $30 $60 / $30 $60 / $30 $60 / $30
ORSSAR Supplemental Fee $20 / $10 $20 / $10 $20 / $10 $20 / $10
Chapter Supplemental Fee   $20 / $10   $10/ $5
Total $80 / $40 $100 / $50 $80 / $40 $90 / $45

Memorial Memberships

A male who is a deceased close relative (within two generations) of an SAR member and whose applications is based on (most of) the same lineage as the SAR member. There are no dues and a portion of the application fee toes to the Society’s Permanent Fund. The filing of Memorial Memberships is only available to active SAR members. NSSAR cost $430.00.