Oregon Society, SAR: Interesting Links

We sometimes find links to Web sites on the Internet that are of interest to our compatriots which relate the Oregon Society, SAR and the American Revolution. The following links are not part of the Oregon Society, SAR Web site. Clicking a link opens a new browser window.

The Oregon Society, SAR is not responsible for content changes on these sites. Please e-mail orssar-web@live.com if any links are broken or the content no longer represents the values of the SAR.

Interesting Sites to Visit

  • Oregon Society 1903 YearbookThis link takes you to the Our Heritage page. Click on the “Year Book of the Oregon Society Sons of the American Revolution, 1903” link to display the yearbook.
  • William Cannon BiographyWilliam Cannon is the only known American Revolutionary War Veteran to be buried in Oregon
  • Valley Forge Muster Roll ProjectThe Valley Forge Muster Roll Project is compiling a database of the names and units of the Patriots who wintered at Valley Forge 1777-1778

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