Lewis & Clark Color Guard Presents Colors at Oregon D.A.R. Conference

On 19 May, 2012, the Lewis and Clark Color Guard had the pleasure of presenting the colors for the Oregon DAR State Conference in Corvallis. Honored at the Conference were Robert Maxwell and Cindy Briggs.

Mr Maxwell is Oregon’s only living Medal of Honor recipient. Those of us who served in the military know not everyone gets recognized for their actions or sacrifices while in uniform. Many veterans deserve more than what they have received from this country. It’s very special to meet someone that has been recognized and awarded the Medal of Honor. It is even more special to meet someone like Mr Maxwell. His accomplishments didn’t stop after WWII. Among many other things he became a very respected teacher in Bend and an active person in the community.

Cindy Briggs is a very good artist that was being recognized for her talent by the D.A.R. If you get a chance, go to her website and see some of her work.

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