Welcome to the Oregon Society
Sons of the American Revolution

The Oregon Society, SAR was organized on June 6, 1891. Today, the Oregon Society has chapters in Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Medford (southern Oregon area). The 2015-2016 President of the Oregon Society is Compatriot David Devin.

The Sons of the American Revolution is the leading male lineage society that perpetuates the ideals of the War for Independence.  As a historical, educational, and patriotic, non-profit corporation, we seek to maintain and expand the meaning of patriotism, respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship, and the unifying force of e pluribus unum that was created from the people of many nations — one nation and one people.

For information about becoming a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, read the membership requirements and process at http://www.sar.org/Membership/Getting_Started. For help and information about joining a Chapter in the Oregon Society SAR, contact Compatriot Johnny Alexander at jama1or @ Comcast . net.

High Desert Chapter SAR Formed

On November 20, 2016, the formation meeting of the High Desert Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution was held. The Oregon SAR Board of Managers approved the petition for the chapter to form at the October 8th meeting of the … Continue reading

ORSSAR 125th Anniversary Challenge Coins

June 6, 2016 marks the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Oregon State Society SAR. The Society has issued two challenge coins to commemorate the anniversary. The coins are available for $15.00 each (plus $5.00 shipping fee). The funds raised by selling coins go to the Revolutionary War Memorial Project in Beaverton.

The William Cannon coin has a depiction of the Pioneer statue at the top of the Oregon State capital building on one side and a bust representing William Cannon on the other. Both sides have a dark grey background. William Cannon is the only Revolutionary War Patriot known to be buried in Oregon.


William Cannon Style

The Memorial coin has a depiction of an Patriot Officer on one side and the Revolutionary War Memorial on the other side. Both sides have a green background.


ARW Memorial Style

You can get your coin or coins by sending a check for $15.00 for each coin you want to order made out to “Oregon State Society SAR.” Add $5.00 for postage. Include your mailing address and your email address (if there are questions about your order).
Contact the ORSSAR State Awards Chair Robert Bogardus (xchequer1@aol.com) for mailing information.

No events are currently scheduled.

Next State Event

Oregon SAR Membership Meeting

1:00 PM–3:00 PM

The 2017 Membership Annual meeting will be held April 8, 2017, at the Red Lion Hotel & Convention Center in Salem, located at 3301 Market Street NE. All Compatriots are invited to the Board of Managers meeting and the Annual Membership Meeting. If you only want to attend the Annual Membership Meeting, please circle the Y on the form and return to Bob Bogardus. We need a count for space requirements.

His mailing address is:
Bob Bogardus
4675 Goodpasture Loop, Apt 146
Eugene, OR 97401-1569